Education for Developing the Spark of Genius


1) Daily school prayer, Greetings to mother, father, Prayer before lunch. Recitation of good thoughts, story telling, Recitation of national songs, Psaydan, Vande Mataram.

2) Dance, Acting, Drama, Exercise, Games and Sports Drilling, Excurision, Rally etc.

3) Celebration of national festivals, birth and death anniversary of our national .heroes, a social annual gathering with many cultural items.

4) Special attention towards physical education and diet.

5) Facility of school bus for students.

6) Birthday celebration of every student at school.




  1. Boys above the age of two and a half are eligible for admission according to the laws of the school.
  2. The parents who wish to admit their children in our school should produce birth certificate by Grampanchayat or Muncipal Authorities.
  3. Fee paid once will not be refunded in any case.
  4. Full pay of fees and one month’s notice in advance are expected for the cancellation of admission.
  5. The whole fees must be paid at the time of admission, otherwise admission will not be confirmed.



  1. The parents should be careful about the regular attendance of their wards except for some genuine reason, irregularity affects the progress.
  2. Send your child to the school in the school timing.
  3. In case of leave, an application for leave is must.
  4. An application for leave is needed eventhough the parents meet personally and inform about the problem.
  5. If your ward is suffering from some contagious disease, he/she is not expected to be in school untill his/her full recovery. Afitness certificate from medical officer with an application is needed in such case.
  6. Regular attendance is expected from the very first day of opening name of irregular students might be struck off.


3) FEES :

  1. All the prescribed fees must be paid on or before the due date.
  2. Unless we receive a written application, no transfer certificate will be issued.
  3. All the dues to the school must be paid before taking the transfer certificate.



  1. The timing of school will be decided from time to time by the management for it’s own conveniences.
  2. During school hours, no one is permitted to meet his/her child or to take him/her out. An application be given if one wants to do so.
  3. Boys should not be sent to school with some valuables like golden ring orwatch etc. The school authorities won’t be responsible for the loss of such valuables.
  4. Every pupil should observe personal cleanliness and neatness.
  5. The parents must keep in mind that the direct contact with his ward is not permissible during school hours. In such cases do contact the office first.



  1. It is expected from the parents to get the homework done by his child at home, as well as to keep a watchful look on his progress.
  2. ‘Not all the fingers are same’ so it is not fair to compare our child with those of others in respect of progress. A parents should attend parent teachers meet on time.
  3. The demand of revaluation of papers will not be granted in any circumstances.
  4. The decision of the school committee will be final one, so the parents should encourage their child to study more with greater efforts to make up the previous loss in the ranking.
  5. Pencil, Eraser, Colour Box, Sharpner must be with the students in examination room.
  6. Please check up the article like pencils, notebook, text books etc. and see if they are according to the timetable or not.