General Rules


  1. All the students should put on school uniform from Monday to Friday.
  2. It is the responsibility of parents to drop and to receive their child to school.
  3. We will not be held responsible for your child once the school is over.
  4. All the students shoud put on house uniform on every Saturday
  5. The child must be sent to school in prescribed uniform.
  6. All the educational articles and books must have the name of its owner.
  7. Tiffin and water bag must bear the name of its owner
  8. The parents should observe the instruction given by the office from time to time in respect of their child’s progress. They are expected to attend school whenever they are called for.
  9. It is the duty of the parents to see if their child goes to school regularly and study at home. On finding some short comings they must contact school, specially the Principal instead of any other authority in the school.
  10. No arguments with our teacher by parents is tolerated.
  11. Parents have the right to complain against the misbehavior of our teacher to the Principals.
  12. It is upto the parents to provide their child with the make up materials and other articles at annual gathering function.
  13. The parents must attend the school function to encourage their child whenever they are invited.
  14. It is necessary for the parents to attend Parents Meeting without fail.
  15. Please go through your child’s homework book. Almost all the instructions have been printed for your conveniences.

Dear Parents,
The aim of our school is to produce all rounded, well educated young people who have the opportunity to explore the world of administrative services, fine art, music, community service and the wonderful outdoor, as well as excel academically.